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North Arlington, NJ
Pop Punk & Hardcore

My head is going to fucking explode, I can’t…

Anonymous said: Sorry if this is creepy, I dont mean it to be. I just have to say that you have the perfect body. I can totally imagine running my hands over your chest and belly and the mental image is magical. Also, you have pretty eyes and youre a great writer

Oh my. Why thank you anon, seriously. I don’t think my body is close to perfect, it’s just big and fluffy. My eyes are kinda nice, I have my moments. You’re sweet. :)

Anonymous said: Can I cuddle you for forever please?

I don’t just cuddle anybody now, I’m classy.

Anonymous said: Is your star sign cancer?

Nope, I’m a Capricorn.

Anonymous said: I'd suck yer dick off.

Lmao. That sounds dangerous, be careful.

Anonymous said: Would you ever do long distance

Yeah. Long distance is just very tuff, I’m a affectionate person I’m going to wanna spend time with them. Some of my pro’s I would take out of being in a long distance relationship would be that it builds a bigger bond because you can’t always see that person, makes you become mentally stronger, and be more trusting. 

Anonymous said: If you like someone how would you tell them

I would honestly just tell them. I can be pretty shy sometimes though.


Hey anon, thank you very much! 

The facial hair gods have blessed me.

Anonymous said: You are attractive but..

Uh, thanks..?

Anonymous said: Last song that was stuck in your head

White Light from The Ghost Inside.

Anonymous said: Do you smoke?

Nope. In my teenage years I was what you call a stoner. lol

Anonymous said: You are incredibly, incredibly attractive. Literally the hottest guy I've seen (online or irl) in months! Thank you for posting pictures of yourself on the internet. It is appreciated. There are never enough dark eyed, bearded chubby dudes in my life

Stop it, you are too sweet I swear. Thank you. :3 

I look like a deer caught in headlights.

I look like a deer caught in headlights.

Anonymous said: your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.

Just make sure you don’t get too white girl wasted.